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In this comprehensive DVD on hammering set into shears, Josh Freund of Kut Above Perfection takes on the controversial topic of hammer setting. This DVD focuses on one of the main components of the cutting action of a shear, which is its set. This DVD explains what set is and the main function of having a proper set. He shows what good set and bad set should look like. The main causes of why a shear would be out of set.  How to tell if a shear is cast or forged, and if a shear is a good candidate or not for hammer setting. He demonstrates, from start to finish, his proprietary hammer setting techniques, and gives a lot of tips and tricks for how to safely put a proper set back into a shear. He also shows how to take set out of a shear if the shear has been over set. You will also learn what types of hammers and anvils are best to use for this technique. Watch DVD Trailer Here!




Ready. Set. Hammer. - An Advanced Setting Technique

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