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I truly believe that the investment you make in your education is an investment in the success of your business! And, it is my belief that when you make a solid decision to invest in yourself, others will invest in you too!  - Josh Freund



Are you good with your hands?

Are you looking for a turn-key business?

Want to make up to $100 per hour?

Want to be your own boss?


Then becoming a shear sharpener may be an exciting new career opportunity for you!

Beginner's level training


This 3 day hands-on course will cover basic shear theory, hands-on learning, the cost of the sharpening machine and basic supplies to get started, and lunch.


Hands-on learning includes:

• Sharpening high-end Japanese shears (convexed edges)

• German beveled shears

• Blenders, thinners, & chunking shears


Intermediate/Advanced level training

Advanced training is tailored to the sharpeners level of experience. Contact Josh Freund for more details.


Note: This class is recommended for a sharpener who has basic training, and a working knowledge of shear sharpening.  I recommend 1 to 2 days of training.


Cancellation Policy:

Each Training Program is planned in detail to accommodate a specific number of students by arranging for training facilities and supplies. In order to cover the

costs of modifying these arrangements due to Cancellations and Rescheduling the following fees apply to all Training purchases:


Canceling: There is a non-refundable charge of $250 should you CANCEL your Training MORE THAN seven (7) days prior to your scheduled training date. If you cancel your Training WITHIN 1 (one) to 7 (seven) days prior to your scheduled Training date, a non-refundable charge of $350 will apply. If you do not cancel your Training prior to the Training date, we will not be able to refund any of your Training fee.


Joshua’s one-on-one training and hospitality is exceptional.  He is a master warranty sharpener for a reason!  His sessions provide hands-on experience which allows you to know how the tools should operate and how the finished product should perform.  He shares personal experiences about being out in the field.  He shows tips and tricks from his years of working with all different types of shears.  And, the relaxed learning environment makes it easy to take notes, plus makes it easy to ask questions which he is able to answer in clear detail.  Would definitely recommend Josh's one-on-one training for anyone who wants to take their sharpening to the next level.  


Wesley Brown 



I very recently participated in a two day, advanced, shear sharpening training session with Josh. I came away from this one-on-one experience with a much deeper understanding on not only how various shears are designed and perform but how to best evaluate my clients shears and to sharpen them for optimal performance. As a result of my training, I am confident I will now be able to provide a more comprehensive, personalized sharpening service based on clients particular needs.

Josh always has a positive attitude, demonstrates a clear understanding of advanced sharpening principles and has passion and enthusiasm for education. He adapts the curriculum to suit your needs and provides insightful responses and respectful guidance. Josh takes great pride in his work and has an exceptional ability to convey innovative, detailed information to you that is practical. 

The content of the training exceeded my expectations and I am confident you would find that to be true for you as well. If you are seeking an opportunity for real professional growth through advanced professional training, look no further.


- Bob Espy


If you are trained by Josh you have just saved literally years of trial and error, death in our business. Congrats to the smart ones.


- Jack Wilks


My work with Joshua with Kut Above Perfection aimed to expand my knowledge and working skills in the sharpening industry. I was thrilled with the lessons of understanding the different metals, optional ways to bend shears along with many learning tools that helped me in the sharpening business. What I appreciate most about working with Josh was his expertise to know exactly which angle to attack a job and deliver with top quality results.


- Ron Scott

Sharpening Beyond


I just finished up 2 days of intense one on one beauty shears sharpening training. We did 13 hours/day. Not in my wildest imagination did I know that there was so much to it. Josh is very creative and has come up with some interesting techniques.


Now I have to practice some.  He is not cheap. However, it's been my dream to do this and do it right.


There is a reason he is the factory sharpener for Fromm/Jaguar.


- John Williams


Nothing beats an edge over the competition. Josh has come up with many new things and all are great. I think the balsa wheel works great for removing burrs. I have tested it a lot and have found that just the wheel and a ceramic stone in a pinch can get a client going again. Josh is also one of the good guys in this business. He cares about the shears and the stylist. He cares about the sharpeners in need as well. All 10's on the balsa wheel.


- Jack Wilks


So I was thinking of improving my shear sharpening skills a little, so I signed up for the Shear Mastery Workshop with Joshua Freund. I've attended one of his workshops before at the trade show in Minneapolis in 2017 and I liked the way he teaches. 


What I got from his Mastery workshop has not only improved my sharpening abilities...It has stepped up my game to a whole new level! Josh not only made sure I understood what he was showing me, but helped me apply what I learned from the Mastery Workshop to my current sharpening process. 


Thanks Josh! You are a true Master Sharpener.


Jeff Hall

Indy Cutting Edge  


To anyone out there thinking about getting into the sharpening business, pondering your training options, let me share my experience.  After narrowing my list down to 3 well known masters of this craft, I decided to go with Joshua Freund at "Kut Above Perfection".  I spent 3 days with Josh learning everything from the very basics of sharpening, to very detailed, flat hone and diamond whetstone handwork.  The process from initial shear analysis, through each logical, yet critical step is discussed, and practiced over and over, side by side with Josh for effective, personalized training.  You will also learn some advanced techniques to give you an edge.  Equally important is the time spent discussing the ins and outs of this business, how to approach salons, stylists, and many of the things you can normally only learn in the school of hard knocks.  You will leave with a very solid foundation and level of confidence I feel is imperative to have a successful start in this rewarding craft.  Lastly, the post-training support  has been as important to me as the training itself.  You will always be confronted with unusual, challenging situations, and Josh is always a text or a phone call away and will have your back!  Priceless!! 


-John Griffin

Edge Keeper LLC 


I met Josh at the Chicago beauty show 7 years ago,I have been a hairstylist for the last 39 yrs,was thinking about getting into sharpening because of the poor quality sharpenings I received. I started to talk to Josh and he recomended someone to train me he thought was good.After that training I still was not that overly thrilled with my education,for some reason I decided to call Josh again because I was having trouble with chunckers.I had a 1 day class with Josh and it turned out to be the best investment I ever made. Josh cover every thing I asked him to and more,bending ,hammering,ride lines when and when not to.The difference between Asian Shears and German Shears and anything else I could come up with.Any time I have a question I can call him up and always has the time and answer that I'm looking for. If you are looking to get into sharpening I would go with the best,I went to 3 other trainers before Josh, I wish I would of trained with him first. 


- James Gresback

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