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Check out my industry source articles pertaining to the sharpening business! In these articles, I share my perspectives from my years of research and experience in this industry. I hope you enjoy reading them!



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On The Edge/Sept 2016

Review of Joshua Freund's Newest Video 

by Jim O'Donnell​

On The Edge/May 2016

Wolff/Edge Pro Show 

by Jim O'Donnell

(page 11)

On The Edge/May 2015

The Sharpeners Report Show/The Simple Things

by Jim O'Donnell

(page 1)

Sharpeners Report/ Oct 2014

Screwing Around w/Josh

Q & A: with Judy Brenner

(page 7)


April 2020

The Different Perspectives of Sharp

by Josh Freund​

April 2018

Don't Cross the Lines

by Josh Freund​

On The Edge/Aug 2016

The "Thins" and Outs of Servicing A Double Thinner

by Josh Freund​

On The Edge/May 2016

Setting Things Straight

by Josh Freund

(page 6)

On The Edge/Feb 2015

The Value of Training

by Josh Freund

(page 4)

On The Edge/Dec 2014

1st Place Experiences

by Josh Freund

(page 5)

On The Edge/April 2014

Testing and Training at Wolff Industries

by Josh Freund

(page 4)

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