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Joshua knows everything there is to know about shears, he is passionate about his craft and it shows!! 

He teaches the students what to look for and gives them the security that he will be there for them when they leave the safety of the school. He teaches them life skills in purchasing and maintaining shears. 

We have Joshua out to our school on a regular basis and every time I learn something new!!!


Thank you, Joshua for being so awesome!!

- Jayne 

G-skin and beauty institute 

I gave several cuticle cutters and small scissors to Josh for sharpening. Some of them had damaged blades from being dropped and encounters with metal.  


He returned them all perfectly sharpened, including one that I was sure I'd have to throw out.  Truly, they are now not "like new," but better than new.  


I'm now gathering more small implements to send him.


James Toscas

Burr Ridge, IL


Thanks Joshua Freund for stopping by Salon L today! Not only did Josh sharpen my tool for me but he set me up with a new perfect shear and we spoke business for a long time! It's so important not only to have the right tools and maintenance in this business but also to speak to passionate people. Can't wait to put these bad boys into action!


Maggie Lowery

Salon L


Paul Mitchell School - Bradley, IL.

For the past 9 years, Joshua Freund has been sharpening my cuticle nippers. Before that, I just bought new cuticle nippers every time they would dull out.  I have to say, that when he sharpens my nippers they perform better than when I first purchased them.  Which makes my work much easier!


A. R. Jones

Licensed Nail Technician

I never knew sharpening geeks existed. Then I met Josh Freund. Always polished and professional, Josh has been taking care of my tools for many years.

Whenever I notice my shears are dull, I actually look forward to making an appointment with him. He sets up, gets to work, and is happy to answer any question I have for him. Sometimes I get lost in his trade-speak but I've learned a lot. He loves what he does and it shows in his craftsmanship.  Josh will always be my Roller-Skating-Singing-Master Sharpener Dude.


- Dennis Rogers
 Stylist behind the chair and Regional Educator with American Crew

Since I've been in the cosmetology business for five years now.  I've had the honor to have Josh Freund as my shear expert.  He has truly tapped into greatness with such detail and passion for his trade.  Not every haircut is cut the same way there are many types and Josh understands that.  My knowledge of hair cutting has truly grown.  Now I know what metals works best for me and the whole sharpening process truly customizes my cutting technique.  Which in turn changes the experience for the client.


- Jason Appleton

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